This is the beginning of second semester. I will miss the art education majors who were our teachers for the Saturday Art program. But for the next three or four months, I will have my Saturdays free.

Last night, my voice was hoarse and I couldn’t wait to get home. The last emails were answered. The drive through the early dark and rain felt twice as long. After a long sleep, came the gift of Saturday. I spent most of this morning writing an email, proofing an essay, and applying for a residency. Our cat is asleep on the kitchen chair next to me. The weather outside, still miserable and wet. The sump pump chugs on and off regularly. The furnace hums and the metal soffits rattle gently under the floor.

There is a short story waiting for another revision (#30). An essay needs continued work. Two academic articles need to be outlined. I’ll get to them. Everything is waiting.

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